Friday, August 03, 2012

Oh, nuts! :(

Every time the health-care professionals gave me an EKG, they told me that my heart was just fine.  So why did I keep having chest pains, especially overnight (when I was lying down)?

Maybe it was something I ate.

I just loved having a couple of Corn Thins or Rice Thins (same food producer) slathered with almond butter as part of my dinner, and, since I've been trying to avoid sugar on workdays (and save my snacking for weekends and holidays), I also loved noshing a Cherry Pie Larabar for dessert.  Could those eating habits have caused the problem?

Two nights ago, as an experiment, I reduced my almond-butter consumption to a thinner layer on only one Rice Thin.  Hmm, the chest pains didn't seem to be nearly as bad.  What would happen if I ate only half a Larabar?

I continued the experiment last night by eating only one almond-butter-covered Rice Thin and only half a Larabar.


The chest pains disappeared almost completely.

Sigh.  Acid reflux is a (literal) pain for nut-lovers.


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